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Welcome to the Vivien Fire Engine Trust web site...

"Vivien" is a Leyland fire engine, which was proudly serving Wisbech from 1932 until 1963. Named after the Mayoress at the time, Vivien was regarded as one of the most up-to-date fire engines in the district. It featured the distinctive "Borough of Wisbech Fire Brigade" lettering and the Borough of Wisbech armorial bearings on the side.

The Vivien Fire Engine Trust consists of a group of historical fire-fighting enthusiasts, who collaborated to restore and preserve "Vivien". George Dunlop, with help from his family and friends, was able to bring Vivien back to Wisbech from Yorkshire after a spell from being "away from home". With help from the Trust and local businesses, Vivien was restored to its former glory. Vivien and the Trust feature in many local events and exhibitions, ranging from historical galleries, parades, festive occasions, and even for private events such as weddings.

This web site aims to promote Vivien and the Trust, as well as provide a historical insight into the fire engine and the local fire service. There is also a section detailing the return of Vivien to Wisbech, and the intricate restoration process.

If you would like to leave a message to the Vivien Fire Engine Trust, you can do so by the Guestbook, or the Contact Us web form. We hope you enjoy your visit to the web site.



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