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it's no secret, i spend a fair few hours of any given week bombing around the internet. this page is a list of the sites i frequently (or not so frequently) visit. if you were to bump into me online, then it's likely it'd be on one of these sites below.

that big online auction site. i do quite a bit of selling as well as buying.

one of ebay's not-so-big competitors. it's free to list your items for sale, i sometimes go there for a quick look around too.

a place where people go to post pictures and videos they have created / vandalised - all in the name of a cheap laugh. the newsletter's worth a read too!

the posh
the official peterborough United web site. i'm often loitering in the north stand during a home game, and in some random location during a select few away games.

money saving expert
as the title suggests, a site dedicated to saving money. ran by martin lewis, a tv money pundit guy, this site features some very useful articles on saving money. it also includes a comprehensive forum, including freebies, money off vouchers and other bargains, as found by its large number of followers.

The Register
I.T. related news, reviews and general off-beat footnotes. Often frequented by myself during lunch breaks.

R Points
One of two "cashback" sites I visit frequently. This site allows you to earn cash back when you shop through certain websites. While the pay out per website might not be huge (e.g. between 1-5% of your purchases) it soons adds up over time, and it's always nice to receive a cheque in the post for not doing much. It's also got a kick-ass forum for bargains too.

Greasy Palm
The other "cashback" site I visit frequently. Similar to RPoints, but in a smaller scale. They do let you place links on your website to help you earn money from your website visitors (hence the adverts on the left).

Drum n Bass Arena
Although my music tastes varies depending on a combination of my mood, weather, day of the week, Drum n Bass Arena is a pretty fine site if you want to find out about Drum n Bass. Also features streaming mix sets from assorted events.

Fenland Freecycle
Freecycle consist of a load of local groups around the world, and their primary aim is to divert items away from landfill by giving them away to other local members. People will give away fully functional items, from crockery and cutlery, to 3-piece suites and TVs. Worth a look if you've got something you need to get rid of that's too good to throw away, or possibly if you need to furnish your house on the cheap!

A shopping comparison site. You basically type in something you want to buy online, and see which site comes back as the cheapest. Saves lots of time browsing through assorted websites for that CD or DVD.


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