why, why, why?

Why is there ALWAYS at least one person in MacDonalds cleaning the floor? Even in London. It was packed in Leicester Square. There was about a metre-square area of floor space, and the geezer with the mop decided to stand there and clean it!

Why do Amiga Magazines cost 5.99 with only one CD, when PC magazines cost around 2 with two CDs and a blooming thick magazine?

Why is my site poor compared to other pages. Should I do something useful?

Why do I always wake up early on a weekend, and wake up late on a college day?

Why does Sesame Street show the most liveliest, flashy, bright animations when I turn the telly on after I wake up? It does my eyes in!

Why were Teletubbies so popular? Society is corrupt thanks to these guys!

Why are Low Fat Pot Noodles such a farce? It's half the fat, because it's half the contents!

Why is Eternity magazine mentioned about in other magazine's surveys, but can never be found in any shops?

Why is Satan evil? I'm sure he's a nice chap once you get to know him.

Why is it that the files you spend most time typing up, are usually the first to get wiped out?

Why does The Fonz hangs around with Richard Cunningham? He's such a gimp!!!

Why does the sachet you get with Pot Noodles always say "Add According To Taste"?


Why not?

Why do fish look so miserable? Does it have something to do with the water they swim in?

Why did my Ellis Dee World Dance tape chew up and snap? Why not any other tape?

Why don't we see Noel Edmonds and Richard Branson in the same place at the same time? Is it some kind of Jekyll and Hyde situation?

Why don't we see Britney Spears and Sarah Michelle-Gellar in the same place at the same time? Is it some kind of Jekyll and Hyde situation?

Why are WYSIWYG printing packages such a farce? It only prints the page on the screen. Surely your eyes see more than just that page. What about the people sitting in front of you? What about the Windows toolbars? Or the monitor?

Why is there only one plant in the Blue Room at college? There should be more!

Why isn't The A-Team on ITV anymore? It was such a great program. We have to watch it on Bravo now.

Why do people bother shooting other people in The A-Team? Surely by now they would have realised that no-one has died from a gunshot, so why waste their energy?

Why is Hulk Hogan still wrestling? Doesn't he have a pension? (I have heard that he will be retiring soon)

Why doesn't anyone in a fight on Jerry Springer let the other person hit them? That way, they can sue them for assault!

Why is HMV such con merchants? They were trying to charge 21.99 for a Dreamscape tape pack, when it says 'Pay No More Than 19.99'!

Why do shops start to sell Christmas stuff in September?

Why don't shops have their January sales in November if their Christmas stock are months early?

Why is Wisbech supposed to be a rubbish place? I live there, isn't that a good enough reason for a town to be good?

Why does Hereward FM play the same tracks every night? Is it because they only have 1 CD compilation, and they get a new one every 2 months?

Why doesn't Wisbech have somewhere that sells vinyl?

Why does Wisbech have such crap Christmas lights in the Market Place, but have (fairly) good lights outside town? Is it to encourage people passing by to stop and visit, or is it that most criminals inside town are too lazy to walk to the river and steal the lights?

Why can't I think of any decent questions for this page?

Why does it rain when I wear a light jacket?

Why does the sun shine when I wear my bomber jacket?

Why does AOL and CompuServe insist on sticking their free internet CDs on computer magazines month after month? It would probably work out cheaper in the long run just to send the bloody thing to households around the world! You wouldn't get as many people using 2 discs instead of one!

Why doesn't the Marquee command work on Netscape? (the scroll at the bottom of the screen...)

Why doesn't the <BLINK> tag work anymore?

Why bother washing dishes? They will only get dirty again...

Why can't you press 3 to ring back someone when you dial 1471 on Cable & Wireless? You can on BT. It's really annoying, because you have to write down the number! - UPDATE! - You can now, so this question does not exist...

Why do people try and sell AOL and CompuServe CDs on the car boot sales (me included)? The only people who may have been interested have probably got 10 or 12 of them at home already!

Why are there women in the Vengaboys? Surely Vengapeople would be a better name!

Why do most Rap videos all look the same?

Why does the bus arrive early on important days?

Why do I keep changing the design of the page, but the contents is still the same?

Why can people who use SoftNet's Free ISP use the Webform script, while the ones who pay 10 for SoftNet Gold can't?

Why is this the last question?

Why was that last question a lie?


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