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I have a very wide selection of books, most of which have never been best-sellers! These are not available in any shops, including this one... Here are a few that used to be in stock:-


Cyber Pets - The Guide, by Tammy Gotchi.

Money, by Maurice Better.

Happiness, by E. Static.

How to serve a Bigger Breakfast, by Roland Butter.

Dentist - The beginners guide, by Phil McAvity.

Aches and pains, by Arthur Eyetuss.

Doggy treats, by Nora Bone.

The What guide to domestic Explosives, by Diana Mite.

Swimming the Channel, by Francis Near.

How to wash yourself, by Philippa Bathtub.

The art of Biscuit Eating, by M.T. Tinn.

How to be shy, by Tim Idness.

Summer tops, by T. Shirt.

Bung it on your Bread, by Marge A. Rine.

Cutting Wheat the old way, by Sy Thing.

The art of Correcting Fluid, by Miss Take.

Get Rich From Your Workplace, by Sue Them.

Better Egg-laying, by Henry Placement.

Gambler's Annual 1998, by Willy Winn & Betty Wont.

German Confidentiality, by Hans Off.

Long Distance Running, by Miles A. Way.

Reclaim old fashions, by Michelle Suit.

Dull finish, by Matt Varnish.

Compost Heap, by Pete Pile.

Autumn, by Russell Leaves and Teresa Bare.

Renting out a place, by Lisa Building.

Traffic Jams, by Adam Nusiance.

Rivers, by Flo Wing.

British Telecom, by Tel E. Phone.

What keep biting me, by Amos Quito.

Making Claims, by Ian Surance.

How to get off with girls, by Noah First.

Old Fashion Washing, by Peg DaClothes.

Graphic Design, by R. Tist

Knitting Jumpers, by Paul Over.

Drugs, by Ellis Dee and X.Stacey. (German text version of the book above also avaiable, with additional notes by Herr. O'Rean)

Sewing, by Fred A. Needle.

The massive Sound Systems guide to Indie, by Major Headache.

How to tell the age of a car, by Reg E. Straishun.

War (Has Never Been So Much Fun!), by Ann Arky and Dick Taitor.


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