humour artwork / vandalism

on the odd occasion, i like to crack open my paint program and vandalise a few pictures for the sake of a laugh, mostly for the crazy world known as b3ta.com. these pages are the dumping ground for said artwork. to view an image, simply click a thumbnail image below...

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animations - tall image strips - still images

alnhanson-small.jpg beckham.jpg crow.jpg dixons.jpg donkindonuts.jpg

doogle.jpg duluxemulation.jpg gayplug.jpg grayscale.jpg greased-elton.jpg

ipod.jpg jetson.jpg legover.jpg macxfire.gif menswear.jpg

mountedna.jpg pimppanther.jpg playcardsright.jpg PWeesWorld.jpg rendezcd.jpg

sky.jpg terroristmonthly.jpg texas.jpg



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